Waquarium 1.13p

Pass the time with this simulated aquarium

Waquarium is an entertaining desktop program for your Palm. Part aquarium simulator, part Tamagochi, part clock and screensaver... Waquarium will teach you about caring for your fish, but it's also a lot of fun!

Features of Waquarium include:

  • Aquarium settings : control the chemical balance and quality of the water
  • Historic : 30 days of events and settings values helps to improve the simulation, also note the new window with graphical stats display.
  • Tamagochi : You will have to play with the fish to make it happy.
  • Baby Life : If you reach to keep the aquarium safe and parents happy, you may see a little Baby coming!

This fun application, developed in SuperWaba allows you to interact with some small fish in an aquarium. As you feed it and care for it, it develops and the level of interactivity deepens.

Enjoyable game for your Palm PDA.

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Waquarium 1.13p

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